Vietri sul Mare wedding photographer
Wedding Photographer in Amalfi Coast

The wedding I’m presenting today is special, the kind of wedding who leave in you an indelible and wonderful memory. I’m very proud to has beed their wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast ?

I usually travel around Italy and Europe to shoot my wedding photographs and yet the warmth and welcome that the people of southern Italy are extraordinarily unique. When I’m called to be the wedding photographer Amalfi Coast and so I Enjoy every time the magic atmosphere.

Marilina and Alessandro are a couple of guys from Avellino.  They have chosen the church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice in Vietri sul Mare specifically to pronounce their “I do“.
Friends, kids and flower girls, smiles, flowers and a particular weather in which read a great signs accompanied us throughout the day, a wonderful day of celebration.

In particular I remember with a smile their parrot Coco who speaks a lot! In fact, he made company during the preparations. To tell the truth, it speaks with the spouses’s voices ad it was a super funny attraction for all.

Make your choice and get the best photo shoot of your life!