Bring your pet at your wedding!
Wedding Dog Sitter

Why not bring your pet at your Big Day engaging a wedding dog sitter?
There are some little precautions to take but you’ll be a very happy family together!

Today there is the professional figure of the wedding dog sitter, specialized on menage your pet during all the day. In this way you’ll enjoy his presence only when you’ll can (during the photo sessions, for example).

I did it in my wedding and I loved this so much, as well as my wedding photographers, who played with us taking fantastic pictures!
Here there are some photos taken in an old wedding at Borgo Bastia Creti the past year; they had a small, wonderful dog who played with them along all the days, bringing also the rings at the altar during a stunning outdoor symbolic ceremony.
Take a look also at their wedding here.

Make your choice and get the best photo shoot of your life!