Outdoor symbolic ceremony among the secret wood
Villa Pianciani Wedding

My first destination wedding at Villa Pianciani was few years ago. Since that moment, I fell in love with this wonderful venue! In fact it’s definitely one of the ideal venue for a destination wedding in Umbria. Villa Pianciani is based very close to Spoleto as well as Perugia and Assisi.

It’s an incredible responsibility take wedding photos for an event like this. Indeed, Juliette and Gus are both artists. Every time it is an honor being choose by artist and photographers for me.

The ceremony was planned outdoor, in the secret wood inside Villa Pianciani area. Here, in the afternoon, falls an amazing warm light that draws soft lines with the shadows of the trees.

This place is magical. The skillfully Nicoletta de Santis, the flower designer has decorated the ancient staircase of the wood. All the guests enjoyed the amazing art work!

Villa Pianciani outdoor wedding

There is a truly intimate atmosphere inside the Secret Wood and you can feel it when you enter.
The bride and the father walks slowly in the middle of the woods with relatives and friends on the sides.

Usually the outdoor wedding ceremony is not very long in order to permits to all to enjoy the party and the company of friends.

After the ceremony, waiting for dinner time, we returned to the secret woods to take a small couple photographs session.
There is an incredible light among the ancient trees. For me it’s every time a wonderful and inspiring experience.

Villa Pianciani has one of the most powerful view over Spoleto I know. In the night time is an eye catching landscape. The cutting of the cake has this unusual, awesome background.

During a previous wedding at Villa Pianciani, I took an infrared shot of Spoleto in a very particular atmosphere conditions. I’ll post soon an article on this blog on this infrared shot.

Make your choice and get the best photo shoot of your life!