Via Crucis in Bevagna (Italy)

Via Crucis in Bevagna (Italy)

The procession of the dead Christ

The Via Crucis or the procession of the dead Christ in Bevagna (PG) is one of the most touching moments of the Easter celebration.

The three Cruciferi, Jesus and the two thieves, are the protagonists of the procession. They dragged the crosses through the streets of Bevagna followed by the Madonna and the dead Christ’s statue.
The three Cruciferi and the members of the brotherhood with torches depart from the church of the Seminary. For last the statue is raised and carried in procession through the streets.
 The atmosphere of meditation and prayer really impressive. Only by the sound of the band and the chains at the Cruciferi’s ankles broke the extraordinary silence.
 The procession, at the end of the stages of the Via Crucis, returns to the church of the Seminary and the statue is placed again on the altar.

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Andrea Cittadini is a portrait and wedding Italian photographer. He is a multi-award-winning photographer and represents the major international trade associations.
Photographer of the year 2012 for the AG | WPJA and top 100 world photographer for the ISPWP 2016.



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