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Tuscany wedding photographer

Tuscany wedding photographer

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I live in Umbria but I spend the most part of my working time as wedding photographer in Tuscany.
In fact, Tuscany borders with Umbria and catalyzes on itself most of the destination weddings of our Country.

Many years ago, I chose to specialize my photography in marriages of foreign couples, learning their uses and their traditions. The region of Tuscany was my most natural destination.
I love Tuscany. In many ways incredibly similar to Umbria, under others totally different.

This region is landscape, breathtaking sunsets, refined food and fine wines. Umbria has the same characteristics, only a little more rustic and genuine.

Those who choose to get married in Tuscany choose elegant and very often exclusive venues. Often they love luxury locations meanwhile, someone others look for a countryside venue among the soft Chianti hills where relax himself and regain his balance.

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I worked as a wedding photographer and for families all over Tuscany but, if I had to define a specific area, Chianti represents me and my photography more under many aspects.

I love natural light, I work only with it. In this particular Tuscan area, the light is sublime.
“At sunset, the hills sing” – as Pacha would say in The Emperor’s new Groove (I love this cartoon).

If you have decided to get married in Tuscany and you are looking for an exclusive wedding photographer who can read and make the most of the extraordinary natural light of this marvelous territory, your search has probably ended.
Take a look at our weddings in Tuscany, I’m sure you’ll contact us for a quote!