my personal selection on photos taken on this year
Top wedding photos of 2015

A personal selection of the top wedding photos of 2015. Take a look!!! ?

At the end of each year there is a ritual I like to make. I open the 2015 archive of #wedding #photos and I look one by one all the pictures, looking for those who, somehow, have left a sign in my heart.
It’s a truly exciting moment that repays all the hard work of this season. Seeing all together in a single afternoon all the shots taken, in fact, it’s an incredible mix of emotions.

I’m not good with words, I never have been, but with this small gallery I want to thank you all for the kindness and the positive energy that you have given me, it will be the force that will regenerate me for a challenging 2016.
The #wedding #photographer is a job that you do first and foremost for passion because, in one way or another, you have the perception of doing something important for people who rely on your heart.

After all the #photography is this for me: an exchange of genuine emotions and lasting for which it is truly worth living.
Thank you all for making this possible and Enjoy all these top wedding photos!

Make your choice and get the best photo shoot of your life!