Bilingual Ceremony in Tuscany

The Blessing of A Bilingual Ceremony

Outdoor bilingual ceremony in Tuscany

Love is a universal language, transcending barriers of belief, language and nationality.

We have long appreciated working with Italian Photographer Andrea Cittadini because he understands that a successful ceremony also means great wedding photos! We work closely together to create an atmosphere in which everyone feels relaxed and focussed upon the pivotal moment of the day.

The Blessing of A Bilingual Ceremony

We are often asked to write for interfaith and multi cultural/bilingual couples.
When Jordan and Daniel contacted us regarding their plans for a June wedding at Villa Il Pozzo they were concerned about how we would compose and communicate their distinct identities and beliefs, whilst ensuring their American and Italian guests would not feel alienated. For it is not enough merely to speak and understand a language.

Many years ago we were asked to accept the presence of an interpreter, who would translate the ceremony as it happened. This may work in a business meeting but the flow and texture of the ceremony was disrupted.
This unfortunate experience taught us the importance of symbiosis and we thus created our own linguistic scripting method.

Outdoor wedding in Tuscany

The seamless blending of cultural tradition, language and belief is key in creating an interesting, beautiful and inclusive ceremonial experience.
It is vital that everyone feels included, respected and represented on the day of a wedding and we spend countless hours crafting original phrases in English and Italian, which represent who couples are so that both families and friends are welcomed within a unique circle of trust.

Cultural difference can be as diverse as the world itself but a wedding ceremony can be a reminder that ultimately there is more that unites than divides us. In a fragmented world the importance of difference can be showcased in a ceremony which respects it.

Falling deeply in love with someone whose first language is not your own can represent a linguistic challenge but also an opportunity for enrichment. We understand this personally as a bilingual couple ourselves and we wish Jordan and Daniel much happiness and success in their Anglo/Italo journey together in Tuscany:)

A small selection of their photos form the wedding day at villa il Pozzo

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