Same sex wedding in Positano


Positano by night - Amalfi Coast
Positano by night - Amalfi Coast

The night before I was travelling along the Amalfi Coast.  Accomplice the full moon, I have taken this two shots of the small town of Positano, in fact I love the night photography. Anytime I’m shooting a wedding in the Amalfi coast is an incredible experience!

Positano from Villa Santa Croce

This same sex wedding in Positano was one of the most exciting wedding of the 2015 in the Amalfi coast.

Valerie and Dina are two beautiful women. They have exchanged their wedding vows at Villa Santa Croce , one of the most beautiful luxury villas in Positano. In the company of Luigi De Gregorio I recounted this very intimate and engaging event. Luigi is a talented videographer based in Amalfi Coast.

Often, for my nature, I’m emotionally invested in ceremonies that I’m photographing. In fact, I confess, in this case this sensation was much more intense.
Seeing the sweetness in the eyes of a father who accompanies under arm to the altar his daughter and her partner was moving as well as the dances who followed the ceremony.

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