Surprise proposal photographer in Positano
Proposal photographer in Amalfi Coast

In many years of career as a wedding photographer, I have had many opportunities to realize engagement photo services also on the Amalfi Coast.
Sometimes, I am asked to take photographs for a surprise proposal. The photo shoot takes immediately a totally different taste.

It is never easy take engaging photos of a couple that has never been seen before in such an intimate and exciting moment without being seen.
Sid contacted me by email a few weeks before the shooting day asking if I could be their surprise proposal photographer in Amalfi Coast.
I live far from the coast but I’m every time happy to travel for reach this beautiful region. So I accepted.

I suggested to Sid some places where it would be ideal for the surprise proposal. These areas are usually not very known and with a superb view of the sea. In this way, I’m pretty sure to have a clear view over the spouses to be and I’m free to move around, seeking for the best angle for shooting. I love them!

The day of the shooting, Sid sent me with WhatsApp a selfie, taken before leaving the hotel where they were staying in Positano and I sent them my selfie.
To avoid arousing suspicions, I dressed as a tourist with a bermuda and a fisherman’s hat 🙂

We met at the established point and I followed Sid and his future wife along the way I had indicated, until the moment of the proposal.
The surprise proposal was a magical and absolutely exciting moment for me too!
After a few minutes I showed up and we continued the shooting in Positano.

Make your choice and get the best photo shoot of your life!