Platinum Palladium Prints

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Platinum Palladium prints: how can I make them?
The Platinum Palladium is an old and traditional way to print wonderful back and white images. This antique tecnique returns some subtle nuances that are still unrivaled.

The Platinum Palladium print process is totally by hand. This is the why I love it so much! In this way, the prints are absolutely unique pieces.

This is the main procedure: I start the process mixing platinum and palladium salts with ferric oxalate. This will result in the photosensitive solution. Then I blend this droplet mixture on the sheet of paper to sensitize and I wait some minutes before dry it with a phone.

In the meantime, I prepare the negative starting from a digital photo with Photoshop with the target to obtain a consistent film to put in contact with the sensitized paper.

I put now the sandwich of the “digital” negative and the paper in a ultraviolet oven for a previously established time and then I proceed to development and clarification.

After a long bath in the water I obtain the print made with only the starting metals: Platinum and Palladium.

The metals embedded so well in the fibers of the paper to be unalterable in time. The print life and the paper life are the same.

The “bad note” of this print process is that the Platinum and Palladium are precious and expensive metals as well as the paper, the Arches Platine that is probably one of the most expensive on the market. As result, the prints are the most expensive themselves because also the long print process.

Platinum Palladium Prints
Authorial Platinum palladium prints for sale
Platinum palladium prints for sale