Perugia wedding photographer

Perugia wedding photographer

Best wedding photographers in Perugia

Perugia is an extraordinary city, always active in every period of the year and I’m happy to work as wedding photographer there.
In fact, important international events such as Umbria Jazz e Eurochocolate take place here.

A peculiar characteristic of my work is the ability to integrate the spouses in the environment that surrounds them in a natural and emotionally engaging way.
A walk in the historic center of Perugia can inspire endless combinations of photographs, always unique.

The round church or temple of St. Angel is one of the most characteristic and requested venues for religious celebrations. It is located a few steps from the historic center and can be reached easily after getting ready in one of the hotels in the center, such as the Sina Brufani Hotel.
For those who love green, the Borgo dei Conti is an enchanting solution and offers, inside, a spectacular garden in which I made some wedding photo shoots.

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Perugia Wedding photographer
The spouses walking along the narrow streets of Perugia
Photo walk in Perugia for a wedding
Kids playing during a wedding photo session

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