Wedding photographer Viterbo: The Park of Monsters

Park of the Monsters of Bomarzo

This place is definitely among the most original location in which I happened to take pictures, especially for a married couple: Park of the Monsters of Bomarzo.

Instead it was a pleasant surprise realize the “Creative Portraits” photo shoot to Anchinea and Christian in this surreal location. Between a kiss and a caress, between light and shadow slowly are outlined particular photos with an exciting effect.

the-park-of-monsters-bomarzotemplewedding-photographer-viterbowedding-photographer-TerniWedding-photographer-monster-parkmonster-park-bomarzowedding-in-bomarzowedding-portrait-bomarzowedding-bomarzopark-of-monsters-bomarzo-weddingPark of the Monsters of Bomarzowedding-walk-in-bomarzowedding-ideasinspirational-wedding-photographyPark of the Monsters of Bomarzo

Andrea Cittadini is a portrait and wedding Italian photographer. He is a multi-award-winning photographer and represents the major international trade associations.
Photographer of the year 2012 for the AG | WPJA and top 100 world photographer for the ISPWP 2016.



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