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Outdoor wedding at villa Ulignano

This was my very first time at this beautiful villa in the nearby of Volterra. Villa Ulignano is a tuscan amazing corner among the smooth hills and a lot of green.
It is no coincidence that the wedding planner from Italy Weddings suggested a symbolic outdoor ceremony.

A long staircase, surrounded by green gardens, frames the bride who is seen for the first time by the groom.

The day was not particularly sunny and this helped photographically speaking because, given the not very late hour of the ceremony, the sun would have created strong shadows on the faces of the couple.
My advice, in general, is to choose the late afternoon for an outdoor ceremony. This just because the sun can give its best and becomes a valuable ally for the photographer.
Take a look at this article on an outdoor wedding, always in Tuscany, taken around 7:00pm in July this year to get an idea of what I’m talking about: “Love is like a butterfly

This outdoor wedding at villa Ulignano was a very intimate moments with many situations of strong emotion and the photographs are a living testimony.

In the evening, we allowed ourselves a few minutes to make some creative portraits at sunset. Right in front of villa Ulignano, Tuscany gave us the best in his repertoire.
A warm and enveloping light has illuminated us for several minutes, allowing me to create some of the most beautiful portrait photographs that we have ever done at sunset.

Make your choice and get the best photo shoot of your life!