Lego Star Wars wedding rings

Lego Star Wars wedding rings

Funny dioramas

I love Lego…
I I fell in love with Star Wars…
I unavoidably love Lego Star Wars…
I adore wedding photography of course…
I constantly experiment with lighting techniques…

After this introduction, I’m going to tell you about this very particular and funny wedding photo serie.

Some times ago I was captured by the work of Vesa Lehtimaki with the small figures of Lego Star Wars perfectly settled in micro scenarios. All these dioramas were inspired at the Star Wars cinema serie. You can find his photo book here.

I loved so much his works! From here the idea of prepare some little dioramas with the Lego Star War serie elements and wedding or engagement rings.

As a first step I wondered how to connect the small figures of star wars with wedding rings and their precious stones.

You can find the answer looking these 8 fancy sketches presented below, mostly ambient on the ice planet Hoth.

Needless to say, my love for the scale modelling, small objects and details has greatly helped me in this funny adventure.

Enjoy!! 🙂

Lego Star Wars - Ring guardImperial Troopers guarding an engagement ring under the snow
Lego Star Wars - Ring gameRebels playing with wedding rings
Lego Star Wars - butterfly on the snow with engagement ringLego Star Wars Finding the SolitarioLego Star wars wedding ringsLego Star Wars - Group shotLego Starwars Engagement Ring campfire

And more will come… Stay tuned!!

Andrea Cittadini is a portrait and wedding Italian photographer. He is a multi-award-winning photographer and represents the major international trade associations.
Photographer of the year 2012 for the AG | WPJA and top 100 world photographer for the ISPWP 2016.



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