ISPWP Awards – Top wedding photographers in the world

ISPWP Awards

Top wedding photographers in the world

What a good start – ISPWP awards!!
In the contests of what is probably the most authoritative and representative international association of wedding photography in the world, the ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers).

First and eighth place award respectively in the “Decisive moment” and “All about the light“.

These are two categories that I care very much because they are a substantial part of my photography style: grasp the salient moments with the best possible light in a wedding.

Delighted, among other things, to be with many other Italian photographers signs, once more, that the wedding photography in Italy represents excellence in the world.

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Andrea Cittadini is a portrait and wedding Italian photographer. He is a multi-award-winning photographer and represents the major international trade associations.
Photographer of the year 2012 for the AG | WPJA and top 100 world photographer for the ISPWP 2016.



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