Getting married in Umbria

Getting married in Umbria

Outdoor wedding in Borgo della Marmotta

If a couple decides to getting married in Umbria one of the most beautiful location it is undoubtedly the Borgo della Marmotta. In fact this venue is a stone’s throw from the city art of Spoleto.

This wonderful location offers the opportunity to celebrate a symbolic outdoor ceremony in the historic village square, surrounded by friends and relatives.
For this Sandra and Thomas chose this venue. They get in touch with the owner after seeing one my other photo shooting.

This was the Jess and George’s wedding in Umbria. You can take a look at it here 😉

Because Umbria and Tuscany have an incredibly enveloping light, unique in Italy I think, I love working in these regions.
In fact, for a photographer like me, this is a real paradise for telling wedding stories.
Enjoy a selection of the photographs that Sandra and Thomas.

Spoleto-cartolinabrides-dressGetting-ready-at-Borgo-della-Marmotta-Umbriabride-getting-readyWedding dress detailsgetting-married-in-Umbriathe-wedding-dressyour-dog-at-the-weddinggroom-getting-readyBorgo-della-marmotta-weddinginfrared-wedding-hpotographythe-brideumbria-wedding-photographergetting-ready-borgo-della-marmottaGetting married in Umbriafirst-look-with-the-fatherBorgo-della-marmotta-wedding-outsidethe-bridemaidthe-groom-waiting-for-the-brideumbria-wedding-photographerwedding-detailsmarriage-in-Umbriaemotional-wedding-photographygetting-married-outdoor-in-Umbriamarriage-in-Umbriabest-umbria-wedding-photographerwedding-at-orgo-della-marmottaoutdoor-wedding-in-Umbriaromantic-wedding-in-Umbriaumbria-wedding-photographerwedding-detail good luckfireworks at wedding umbriaoutdoor wedding umbriaemotional wedding in Umbriaborgo della marmotta wedding photosgetting married in Umbriathe bouquetitaly photographerbride and bridemaidsjumpborgo della marmotta weddingcreative portrait jumpbride and bridemaidsitaly photographerthe bouquetgetting married in Umbriaborgo della marmotta wedding photosemotional wedding in Umbriaoutdoor wedding umbriafireworks at wedding umbria

If you love the photos, feel free to share them!! 😉

Andrea Cittadini is a portrait and wedding Italian photographer. He is a multi-award-winning photographer and represents the major international trade associations.
Photographer of the year 2012 for the AG | WPJA and top 100 world photographer for the ISPWP 2016.



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