Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is your photographic style?

I love shoot in reportage style. This means that the most part of my photographs talk about true events: kisses, smiles, hugs.
The goal is to take pictures of high emotional impact that will allow you, in time, to relive the emotions and the important moments of your wedding as well as you have them actually lived.
I love to work “on tiptoe” and almost always in ambient light, without disturbing so that every gesture or smile will born from your heart and will be genuine and spontaneous as my photography.

  •  How early should I need to contact you in order to fix the date of the photo shoot?

My answer is always “as soon as possible” in the sense that there is great demand of the dates (typically on Saturdays during the months of June, July and September) for which it would be ideal to take action even before a year. It is more likely to find available dates midweek from Monday to Thursday. Send me a request today, just to be sure that the date is still free: ASK FOR A QUOTE

  • How do I book your photo shoot?

You just send me an email or call me directly to the phone to set up a meeting.
We can also meet us on Skype; you’ll find all the references in the Contact section of the site.

  • Could you keep us optioned the date for some time? Your job we love but we would like to think a bit.

I’m sorry but I can not. I work for only one wedding per day. Sometimes, within a few hours, I can receive several requests for a single date. This last remains free until a couple sign the contract.

  • How many pictures we will get?

Typically, during the day, I can shoot from 1500 to 2000 pictures and beyond. I’ll give you an unedited selection of them in high resolution plus another selection of around 350 Signature-edited photos at their maximum resolution (254dpi, Jpg).

  • In how long it you’ll deliver the work?

In a low season period, after 2-3 weeks from your wedding, the Basic package is ready to be delivered.
If the date of your wedding is in a particularly requested period it is possible that the time required to deliver the work may be longer, up to 24 weeks.

I offer the “Express processing” option who allows you to receive your edited photos within a maximum of 6 weeks from the wedding date.

  • It’s possible to have a photo album? How many pictures will it contain?

Of course, I have different solutions that are perfectly suited for all types of celebrations. All albums are handcrafted with different solutions of covers and accessories. The print type can be chosen and ranges from photographic paper to the Fine Art of cotton bond paper. Anyway, the album should be absolutely seen by person!!

  • I always look bad in the photo, you can work the shots to take away dark circles or wrinkles?

Photojournalism is based on the true story of the events and not artifact. For this reason I do not like to heavily retouch a face or a slim person: the reality will be too much altered. The post production of my photographs aims to make natural colors and brightness so that they can genuinely tell that depict emotions.

  • Can you offer also the wedding video?

No, I do not directly do wedding videos but I can advise you with whom I can work without any problems.
The wedding reportage requires special attention from the operators and it is not always easy to work in this style. The video that uses lamps in church or spotlights mounted on the camera hardly binds with my photographic style and end up severely compromising the success of the photo shoot.
I invite you always to carefully consider who will make the video and how it will do it! If he ask to repeat scenes, he will use additional lamps or obsolete equipment, he could represent a major obstacle for me.

  • Ok, we like the photos, the way you work and also we feel at ease with you! But how much you cost?

It is not easy to define a standard price. Every couple has different needs and different requirements that need to be evaluated from time to time. The first thing to do is certainly to know us to view the different solutions I can offer you. Once you have decided that I can be your wedding photographer, we can talk about the economic aspect.

Drop me a request using this form: “Ask for a quote”; I’ll reply as soon as possible!

For any other questions or information please do not hesitate to contact me, I am at your disposal!