Sign this clause, the Clients purchase the right to exclusive and private use of the images.

The photos, while remaining the property of the photographer (Article 98, Law 633 – 04/22/41 Corte di Cassazione n.4094 – 6/28/80), will not be published by him by any means, in particular Social Networks and Internet site.
The Clients will be able to make any non-commercial private use of the photographs delivered but they cannot sell or give the images to third parties (eg other providers).
The publication of the photographs on Social Networks will remain exclusive right of the Clients applies only to images edited by the photographer (in case of purchase of the DVD only) or mounted on the album. All the unedited photos must be kept private anyway.
The cost of this option is 600€ Italian Vat included and must be added at the total cost of the service.