Italian Wedding photographer in Amalfi Coast
Elopement in Positano

Positano – Amalfi Coast

I’m going to start a wedding photography session in Praiano, along the beautiful Amalfi Coast. Few hours ago I met the couple on the beach of “La Praia” to finalize the last details and I remembered the past couple I’ve met there.

A few weeks ago I was here with a special couple, two young and beautiful guys coming from Vancouver. They called me asking for a elopement photographic service in Positano and I was truly excited.

We meet at the Alcione Residence Hotel to start the shooting with the “First look” and then we start shooting from Cristoforo Colombo road, looking at the Positano from high. They were searching at a place with no crowd for their vows and I had something in my mind, a small square not far from the Positano’s docks where, usually, there are no people. They also ask me to be their witness ?

“What do you think about few night shots in the sea?” I asked them “I know a very special place, ideal for this kind of shots”.

And so, after a quick ride on a public bus, we reached the wonderful beach of “La Praia”. Here we took these final photos. During these few hours together is born a special feeling with Angie and Blake. I truly hope to meet them again.

They wrote me this beautiful words:

“Working with Andrea is an experience my husband and I will never forget.
We travelled from Vancouver, Canada to exchange vows in the romantic setting of Positano. Andrea exceeded all of our expectations in terms of customer service, experience and final product. Prior to our session, Andrea made himself familiar with the Positano area and study the shots he was going to take us to.

 During our session, Andrea made us feel comfortable and shared our excitement about our special day. He took us to spectacular spots that many tourists did not know about, which later resulted in gorgeous photos.

He was spontaneous, fun and an overall pleasure to be around. Andrea has a natural talent for photography. His passion for his craft is contagious. Andrea has a fine tuned eye that captures each special moment in its most authentic form. He is creative and has a beautiful sense of colouring to his imagery. Andrea is generous with his time, and sensitive to emotion. We feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Andrea. By the end of the session we considered him a friend.

When we arrived home, our family and friends were in awe of the photographs. More than once we heard about how Andrea’s photos were the most beautiful pictures they had ever seen. We are very grateful to have had Andrea photograph our special day and would recommend him to anyone!

Thank you so much, Andrea!”

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