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Destination wedding in Orvieto

The 2016 it was an incredible year for me. I took some of the most exciting weddings of all time for me. This destination wedding in Orvieto is one of these.

Greta and Giacomo got married at the Convento dei Cappuccini in Orvieto. This is a stunning venue for religious weddings, I loved it so much! The beautiful venue for destination wedding in Orvieto La Badia helped to make the area famous.

We started with the getting ready at Torre Collevento a structure not far away form Orvieto. I enjoyed taking photos of the guys playing with their 3 kids at hide and seek just before an unconventional first look moment.

Destination wedding in Orvieto

In this venue there was a super interesting light coming from the windows. This is one of my preferred light because it permits me to emphasize the expressions.
I used a lot also the mirrors, as my usual ?

The magnificent tree-lined avenue in front at the church entrance gives me the occasion to use my infrared camera. I taken in this way some high-impact black and white photography.
The religious ceremony was familiar and intimate. A friar celebrated this wedding with the pathos that only a member of this religious order can put.
At the end of the celebration, we took just 5 minutes of photos outside the church. I used my infrared camera again for some portraits.

Destination wedding in Orvieto

The couple organized the reception at their cottage with all families and friends. A super funny band accompanied the rest of the day, from the arrival of the couple until late evening.
The grass in front of the structure hosted the most part of the reception, the dinner and the first dance.
For this last moment I tapped the very low light for a beautiful counter light shot. I caught in this way an extremely intense moment.
The cut of the cake concluded one of the most entertaining and intense shooting ever made.
Enjoy a selection of photos of this destination wedding in Orvieto!

With me there were also Andrea Tappo, a wedding photographer based in Terni and Wedding Motion for the video.
Here there is the video trailer published few days ago:

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