A quick sneak peak on this old technique.
Cyanotype and modern photography

Modern Cyanotype on Bergger COT 320 rag paper

Cyanotype, one of the oldest photographic printing techniques.

Some years ago, I was interested for the first time in photographic printing with alternative techniques.

My first experience was with Platinum and Palladio, a technique used for the first time in 1873.
Later, I discovered the Cyanotype. This is an even older technique that presents less difficulty than Platinum and Palladium but that, if well done, can give as a gift so many emotions.

The cyanotype, in fact, was born in 1842 with Sir John Herschel who seems not to use it at all to print photographs but to create numerous copies of his manuscripts.
Only over time this technique was applied with great success to the photographic print. It was facilitated for sure by its economy and relative simplicity of realization.

Cyanotype and modern photography

Modern Cyanotype – Mike Ware solution

Cyanotype and modern photography

Like all alternative printing techniques, it is realized in contact with a negative as large as the final print.
To date, it is offered in two main variants: the traditional version and the Mike Ware version, a contemporary English chemist.

Here I’m presenting some photos all made with the Mike Ware’s solution. They have, in fact, intense and deep blues.
Soon, I will publish other works made with the traditional version of Cyanotype.
Stay tuned !!

Cyanotype and modern photography

Modern Cyanotype – Old pier on Trasimeno lake (Umbria – Italy)

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