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A selection of some of the best photos taken on a determinate year. This is a collection that usually I love to do at the end of each wedding season :)

Italian wedding photographer

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top quality and creative in the world A very high percentage of artists recognized worldwide live and work in Italy. Wedding sector is no exception. In this beautiful Country, in fact, there is probably the highest concentration of wedding photographers internationally awarded by the most recognized trade associations. Over the [...]

Masters of Italian wedding Photography Awards

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Andrea Cittadini latest international awards MASTERS OF ITALIAN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY What a nice surprise! ? I have been out from the international wedding contests scene for two years. I made this choice after I realized the abrupt turn that the international judges decided to give to the wedding photography. I was not entirely [...]

Top wedding photos of 2015

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my personal selection on photos taken on this year A personal selection of the top wedding photos of 2015. Take a look!!!  At the end of each year there is a ritual I like to make. I open the 2015 archive of #wedding #photos and I look one by one all the pictures, looking [...]