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Alternative process printing techniques, from Platinum and Palladium to Cyanotypes.

Wet Plate first workshop

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What if I mix a bit of collodion with a lot of passion, an exceptional teacher and a historical optical bench? The answer can only be: "you will live a fantastic experience"! :) Last Saturday my working partner Alessio Vissani and I took a big step back in time at the [...]

Cyanotype and modern photography

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A quick sneak peak on this old technique. Modern Cyanotype on Bergger COT 320 rag paper Cyanotype, one of the oldest photographic printing techniques. Some years ago, I was interested for the first time in photographic printing with alternative techniques. My first experience was with Platinum and Palladio, a [...]

Platinum Palladium Prints

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the art of the black and white PRINTING PLATINUM PALLADIUM PRINTS I approached platinum and palladium printing for several years, driven by the search for an alternative way to print my photographs. In particular, I was looking for a system to make every single print “unique”, giving it unrepeatable peculiarities due to [...]

Andrea Cittadini and the marriage of past and present

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By Diane Rossi Living on the southern Tuscan border means that the ancient woodlands and waters of deepest Umbria are within easy reach. The untamed beauty of this area is a source of endless fascination for me. It is also home to interesting and talented artists and since 2002 I’ve had [...]