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My wedding photography

I am a curious and full of energy photographer. I love real smiles and spontaneous, full hugs.
When someone asks me why I chose wedding photography as a specialization, I answer with one word: Emotions.

I love Photography!

I love it because it is a wonderful opportunity to live with other people one of the happiest and most peaceful days of their lives. Many times families gather after years and offer me a constellation of intense and genuine emotions to photograph.

I have more than a decade of experience in wedding photography and when someone asks me why I’m not tired yet I simply answer that every evening, at the end of the work, I go home with leg cramps and a heart full of joy. What other job can be so generous?

A wedding is an event seen a thousand times, always the same for some, always different for me. If you have the sensitivity and willingness to “connect” with all the emotions of the day, you will discover that there is no marriage already seen and that routine has no place in a wedding.

I start a wedding day with my cameras in hand, as if they were brushes and a white palette to be filled with the colors of your Emotions.

Let me enter in your lives, I will move on tiptoe and gently.
I will tell about all the sensations that will envelop me with the artistic and human sensitivity that distinguishes me.

I will leave you an important gift: all the Emotions that fly away on such an important day, printed forever on paper.
You can glue them on a traditional album, maybe with analogical prints.

Emotions on a wedding day

Awards and Career


When wedding photography was still dominated by old style poses, I started to think differently.
Together with a few other photographers in Italy, I proposed the wedding reportage intended as an authentic story without substantial interference from the photographer.
I remember the day in wich I received the letter of admission to WPJA – the largest World Association of Wedding Photographers in Spontaneous Reportage style. It was a great emotion and a recognition of all the efforts made to refine this alternative and difficult way of photographing a wedding.
Only two years later I won the title of Photographer of the Year of WPJA, after having touched him the previous year with third place.

Over years I continued to participate in many international and national contests, from the ISPWP to the ANFM.
Over 150 of my photographs have been awarded over time and some have been presented among the best 100 in the world.

Andrea Cittadini POY WPJA

Ancient Photographic Techniques


I am a lover of Life which, for me, is inextricably linked to photography.
I developed a deep interest in ancient photography and analog photo printing with silver salts on baryta paper. Some of these techniques are almost out of use but which allow the photographs created to have an extraordinary durability, far beyond modern digital printing techniques.

Over time, I became an expert in Victorian Photography of the Wet Plates Collodion and I learned to print digital photographs with these techniques.
I am one of the few italian photographers who knows how to print flawlessly a digital photograph with the ancient technique of Platinum and Palladium (1872), Cyanotype (1842) or Van Dyke (late 1800).
I also built the cameras with which I photograph.  Three optical benches, the bigger one for the Studio and two portable.



  • I was appointed judge in the international contest of ISPWP (International Society of Portrait and Wedding Photographers);
  • I started collaborating with the “Fine Art ImagesArt Gallery in Turin, which represents me in the world of Art Photography.


  • I gave a Masterclass at the annual convention of the ANFM – National Association of Italian Wedding Photographers on the Ancient Printing Techniques;
  • I started a collaboration with the fashion photographer and film director Emilio Tini for Emotional Backstages for Fashion industries;
  • Emotional Backstage for the Peuterey‘s International Advertising campaign 2020 with Emilio Tini;


  • Photographer of the Quarter for Masters of Italian Wedding Photography;
  • 1st ranked Umbrian photographer for the international WPJA association;
  • Top 10 Italian wedding photographer for Masters of Italian Wedding Photography.


  • Named in the Top 25 photographers in the World for AG|WPJA;


  • Named in the Top 10 photographers in the World for AG|WPJA;
  • 1st place “Humor” ISPWP association – Winter Quarter 2016
  • 1st place – Outstanding Achievement – at the 9th International Black and White Spider Awards (Architecture)
  • Honorable Mention in Silhouette category – 9th International Black and White Spider Awards
  • 2 Nominee (Sport and Silhouette categories) – 9th International Black and White Spider Awards


  • 1st place “Decisive Moment” ISPWP association – Spring Quarter 2015


  • Named in the Top 25 photographers in the World for AG|WPJA;
  • First prize for “International Black and White Spider Awards” in the category “Architecture”;
  • Nominee “Selected Wedding Photographer” by ANFM (Associazione Nazionale dei Fotografi di Matrimonio);


  • I received third prize for “International Black and White Spider Awards” in the category “Abstract” – the most important international competition for photographs in black and white
  • Named in the Top 10 photographer in the World for AG|WPJA;
  • Two “Street Hero Awards” in periodical international street photography contests in black and white;
  • I was appointed judge in the international contest of WPS (Wedding Photography Select).
  • Invited to be part of the project “World Elite Photographers” as “Selected Wedding Photographer”, an international photography portal which showcases the best photographers in the world divided by areas of expertise.


  • Photographer of the Year by the AG|WPJA;
  • I was invited to be part of the exclusive international association “Best of Wedding Photography” resulting in my work being recognised as amongst the most popular in the world
  • First Italian photographer to be recommended by Fearless Photographers, an international association of wedding photographers not closely related to reportage photography


  • I was elected “Second Runner Up” Photographer of the Year by the AG | WPJA, one of the largest international associations of wedding reportage;
  • I was named in the Top 100 photographers in the world for WPJA;
  • The manager of the project World Experience 2011 invited me to participate. Only 3 Italian photographers were invited. The work was a trip of a troupe of Brazilian journalists and photographers across Europe who described the new trends in wedding photography.


  • I was the first Umbrian photographer to be admitted to the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association, the largest international association of reportage style wedding photography).  I was also the first to be awarded prizes in their international contests.

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