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I was born in Foligno in the province of Perugia in 1981. After a course of classical studies and after graduating in Communication Sciences in 2007, I moved to Rome. Here I specialize myself on my great passion: photography. I attended the course of studies at the Experimental Center of Photography Ansel Adams.

Over the years as a photographer, however, I never forget the journalistic writing, my other passion. So I can become a journalist in 2016.

Today I work as a photojournalist and journalist for the national newspaper Avvenire. I have, as well, other collaborations from freelance with local newspapers and sports photo agencies.

Indeed I have published a reportage with the major national newspapers from Repubblica, the MessaggeroFamiglia Cristiana and Il Giornale. My predisposition, however, is the report: traveling, backpacking and camera. I love walking in the mountains and venturing along unknown paths in search of situations to photograph.

Telling stories, anecdotes and having contact with people, with popular traditions all through photography is my daily study. Often looking for unique stories and characters that can tell the past and present.

Alessio Vissani Photographer

I told stories of sports reports, like the one made in black to black alongside the Rugby Amateurs team of Perugia. With my photos I told stories of the sea, like the story aboard the fishing boat Neptune II in the Argentario. I had been also cross over Oceano, with the project on the Sioux of South Dakota with whom I have lived many months.

I realized the social reportage Iris, on the daily life of a blind person, selected among hundreds at the Perugia Social Photo Fest. This is the European festival of social photography and therapeutic photography.

My great love for the West and for the stories about the American Indians are making me known in the journalistic field as the Sioux photographer. I always propose photographic situations, to newspapers and publishers, about the wonderful world of the Native Americans.

My way of photographing people is something that I pour even in weddings, social and journalistic reportage. This is my way of seeing your Big Day: seize the moment, live the day through the details. Every time with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

The work of a photojournalist for a newspaper is to readjust the reality, through his own objective, maintaining every kind of situation and emotion without the external hand influencing the quality of the work. This is how I approach the wedding photography.

My legs are the zoom. I prefer verbal contact, gaining a strong empathy with the couple. In this way I can give them those emotional shots that a reporter has to bring home.

The emotions and the cleanliness of the frame even in a marriage, as in a journalistic reportage are the basis from which to start. For the rest when I’m not a photographer I like traveling by motorbike. I love also reading in fact I’m a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien.

The fantasy saga of The Lord of the Rings is another passion. For this I have been working for years on photographic projects on the “fantastic”, also making the first four-hand book where photography

meets the illustration entitled Middle Art-Book. I am also a radio speaker at Radio Gente Umbra, I am responsible for the magazine Umbra Chiaroscuro. In the spare time, in the early morning for more, a runner.
From 2016 I started a collaboration with the wedding photographer Andrea Cittadini.

Form 2018 I’m an “Head Photographer” of the Studio.

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