Fine Art Wedding Photography is Love and Emotions suspended in time
– Ethernal Beauty –

Andrea-Cittadini - Italy Wedding photographer

Hey there!

I am a curious and full of energy photographer. I love real smiles and spontaneous, full hugs.
When someone asks me why I chose wedding photography as a specialization, I answer with one word: Emotions.

I love Photography!

Andrea-Cittadini - Italy Wedding photographer

I love it because it is a wonderful opportunity to live with other people one of the happiest and most peaceful days of their lives. Many times families gather after years and offer me a constellation of intense and genuine emotions to photograph. Check out my portfolio now

Your Emotions, every little detail and every most delicate smile are the sap of my photographs.
Indulge yourself in the luxury of exciting, timeless photography.

Italy Wedding photographer

Fine art wedding photos

Editorial Wedding photographer in Tuscany

Editorial or reportage photography?

Very often you hear absolutist phrases: “Photographs without poses” or just “Vanity Fair style photos.”

I create a clever mix of the two styles.

I love reportage, I am the photographer of the year for WPJA, the international wedding reportage association, yet I greatly appreciate thoughtful shots that can emphasize the beauty of a bride in her gown or the magnificence of a location. These two styles can coexist in a truly unique and distinctive photo shoot.

Photographer in Tuscany and Umbria

I have always focused my activity as a wedding photographer in Tuscany and Umbria regions. I love the landscapes of these two regions, so different and yet so similar. Soft rolling hills, wheat fields or vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see: these are the environments that usually frame a destination wedding in Tuscany and Umbria.

Editorial Wedding photographer in Tuscany

You can range from stunning villas in downtown Florence to distinctive farmhouses in the Tuscan countrystide. All this variety allows couples to plan their wedding following their own tastes without limitations so, whether you decide on an outdoor wedding among the vineyards or an elegant and refined event, Tuscany and Umbria are your regions.

Italian wedding photographer - Andrea Cittadini Photographer

Italian wedding photographer in Tuscany

I started my business as wedding photographer in Tuscany and Umbria in 2008. Since then I have chronicled hundreds of events around Italy and sometimes Europe.
Almost immediately, I dedicated myself to destination wedding photography in Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. Early engagement shoots taken in Positano set the trend while many of my more creative photographs have been the inspiration for numerous photographers around the world.

I love original and not expected photographs. I always try to create new shots by interpreting the places and personalities of couples.

Over the years I have formed important collaborations with international and local wedding planners who help foreign couples to better organize their destination weddings mainly in Tuscany and Umbria.

Cost of an Italy wedding photographer

One of the most common questions I am asked by couples or in workshops.
The cost of a wedding photo shoot depends on a great many factors, often different depending on how the photographer is framed fiscally.
While a one-day photo shoot may seem expensive it should be thought of in its entirety: a wedding shoot commits the photographer for about 10-12 days if you include post production and the entire contact and post-service phase, like editing.
A destination wedding around Italy or abroad, away from one’s base of operations, also entails a number of extra expenses such as travel and venue inspections.

My advice is to evaluate the cost in its entirety, looking at it from the outside.

An experienced photographer may cost as much as several hundred euros more than a competing photographer, but often the difference in

Italian Wedding photographer

photographs is abysmal. Is it really worth saving so little in proportion to how much more could be achieved?
An experienced photographer can expertly handle difficult situations such as a rainy day and is prepared for the unexpected. Saving a little often means risking a lot.

Take the first step towards a work of art that will be uniquely yours: write to me, and together we will bring your emotions to life.