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Wedding photographer in Venice

Venice wedding photographer – Wedding in Torcello

I love Venice, I love her atmosphere, her lifestyle. Shooting in this city is exciting, challenging and, in some way, is magic.
For this, I have accepted the request of Simone and Sergio who, one year ago, call me to ask for my availability for shooting their wedding in Venice in June.

The day before we met in the hall of their hotel in Venice, the Hotel Flora, very close to the San Marco square.
We were immediately in tune on how to approach their photo service on the island of Torcello, one of the most beautiful places in Venice.

Venice with Iphone
Made with iPhone5
Venice old photos
Made with iPhone5

I proposed them to start with a reportage style photo service to cover the “getting ready” and all the ceremony. Then, after the lunch in the famous restaurant “Gatto Nero” on Burano island, I proposed to start with some “creative portraits” along the Calli and the typical bridges.
After the return in Venice with a water taxi, we will shoot some other photos in the most characteristic location of Venice like San Marco square and the Calli in the nearby.

Contemplando Venezia

The day after all the program was perfect and, at the end of the photo service, we chose to follow a narrow road. Without know where it go, we took photos in more characteristics and little known places of Venice.
You can find more photos of Simone and Sergio’s wedding in Venice in the “Real Weddings” section! Take a look!!

Getting-ready-Hotel-Flora-Venice Details-wedding-venice Father-and-Bride venice-wedding-photos best-wedding-photographer-in-Venice wedding-in-Torcello top-emotional-wedding-photographer-in-venice Santa-Maria-Assunta-in-Torcello-Wedding Top-wedding-photographer-in-Venice top-wedding-photographer-venice infrared-wedding-photographer-wenice Emotional-wedding-photography-in-Venice wedding-photographer-in-Burano-Venice top-wedding-photographer-burano-venice top-wedding-photography-in-Venice-Burano Burano-wedding-photographer Top-wedding-photographer-in-Venice wedding-in-venice creative-photographer-in-Venice intimate-wedding-photographer-in-venice creative-photographer-in-venice top-wedding-photographer-in-venice

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