A new wedding album, a new love story

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A new wedding album, a new love story

Ready to deliver one of the last wedding albums of 2014.

I have given a quick look to make sure that all photographs were in order and well bonded and I paused to reflect on how much work serve to get an object like this.
The first meeting with the guys, their and mine ideas in comparison, the confirmation of the engage, first look of locations, phone calls and then the photo shoot of the day of the wedding, the selection of the photographs, the draft of the album, small adjustments, post production, preparation of the photographs for printing , binding verification and finally delivery.
Uff… all in one go make some effect!
Tired but happy and satisfied that this love story can be browsed by a new family and in a few years from children, and why not, grandchildren.
I feel I have done something important and intimate, to have secured a future for this guys’ life experience. I know that in a few years they will look again those rectangles of paper imprinted with emotions and they will laugh and they will thrill with their children and elderly parents.

And I will be proud! 🙂

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